Can a person other than a parent have legal decision making?
County Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time Forms
Does an unwed mother automatically have sole legal decision making authority of the children?
Filing for Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time
How can a legal decision making order of the court be changed (or modified)?
How can a parent obtain school, medical, and other records of their child after dissolution of marriage?
How can I find out more information regarding legal decision making and parenting time?
How can I get my children back from DCS?
How can I get my parental rights restored?
How do I add the name of the father to the birth certificate?
How do I amend a motion?
How do I apply for Title IV-D services?
How do I move out of state with my child (the other parent is staying here)?
How do I remove the presumed father from the birth certificate when it turns out that he is not the biological father?
How do I tell the court what witnesses I am bringing to a hearing?
How does joint legal decision making work?
How does the court make its decision regarding legal decision making?
I am supposed to pick up my kids this weekend, but the other parent says I will not be allowed to have them. Can the court make the other parent give me the kids?
I want to see my child more than the court order allows. How do I get more time with my child?
If parents have joint legal decision making, do both parents enjoy equal amounts of parenting time?
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