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FAQ - Child Support

How do I apply for Title IV-D services?

Title IV-D services are offered by the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS), a Division of the Department of Economic Security (DES). DCSS helps oversee Arizona's Child Support Enforcement Program and administer child support. 

To qualify for Title IV-D:

  • The child or children are under 18 years old,
  • The father must be established through either a paternity test or a non-contested birth certificate,
  • If the parents were married, they are now separated or divorced and did not have a child support order established by the court, and
  • Notice is given to both parents that child support will be established. If a parent cannot be reached after a certain amount of time, a default order is acceptable.

To apply:

  1. Complete a Request for Title IV-D Child Support Services (complete an additional page for each child by the same set of parents).
  2. Submit the documents
    • Email - [email protected]
    • Mail - P.O. Box 40458, Phoenix, AZ 85067
    • Drop off in-person - Find your local DCSS office

After the application is received and processed, a case will be opened and DCSS will inform the parents, by mail as to their next steps.

•    Arizona Division of Child Support Services