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Limited Jurisdiction Court

A court that may hear and decide limited types of cases. In Arizona, these are the justice and municipal courts.


Provision that regulates the conduct of society, primarily generated by the legislative branch of government.


Any person under 18 years of age.

Jury Foreman

The presiding member of the grand or petit jury, chosen by the members, who speaks or answers for the jury.

Jury Commissioner

Court officer who ensures that potential jurors are available to serve when needed by the courts.


The court that is in charge depending on the geographic area, type of case, or amount of money involved.

Judicial Performance Review

The process, as required by the Arizona Constitution, to periodically review the performance of judges appointed by the governor.


The official decision by a court regarding the rights and claims of the person to a civil or criminal lawsuit.

Judge Pro Tempore

A person assigned to perform the duties of a judge on a temporary basis.


The public officer authorized to preside over, hear and determine cases in a court of law.


Inability or lack of means to pay debts.

Injunctive relief

A court order to stop doing a particular act.

Synonyms - Injunction
Initial Appearance

The first appearance in court by the defendant in a criminal case.


A formal, written accusation by a grand jury charging that a person or business committed a specific crime.


Refers to a juvenile who is unmanageable by parents or guardians. Incorrigible offenses include running away and truancy.

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