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To be released or cleared of charges, to acquit


Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement Program is a collection program for the courts.

Synonyms - F.A.R.E.

A serious crime, punishable by imprisonment by the Department of Corrections. In some cases, the death penalty may be imposed.

General Jurisdiction Court

Court that has authority to hear all legal actions not assigned exclusively to another court.

Synonyms - Superior Court
Grand Jury

A group of 12 to 16 citizens who usually serve a term of not more than 120 days to hear or investigate charges of criminal behavior. Their indictment, called a true bill, leads to a court trial of the person charged.

Green Cards

Documents that authorize someone to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.

Gross Income

The total income before deductions, exemptions, or tax reductions.

Synonyms - gross monthly income

A series of acts that happened over any period of time that are purposefully directed at a specific person. The acts are those that serve no legitimate purpose and would cause a reasonable person to be seriously alarmed, annoyed, or harassed. A single incident, no matter how bothersome, does not constitute harassment for purposes of a protective order.


A formal accusation by the Arizona House of Representatives that a public official committed misconduct in office.


Refers to a juvenile who is unmanageable by parents or guardians. Incorrigible offenses include running away and truancy.


A formal, written accusation by a grand jury charging that a person or business committed a specific crime.

Initial Appearance

The first appearance in court by the defendant in a criminal case.

Injunctive relief

A court order to stop doing a particular act.

Synonyms - Injunction

Inability or lack of means to pay debts.


The public officer authorized to preside over, hear and determine cases in a court of law.

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