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Judicial Performance Review

The process, as required by the Arizona Constitution, to periodically review the performance of judges appointed by the governor.


The court that is in charge depending on the geographic area, type of case, or amount of money involved.

Jury Commissioner

Court officer who ensures that potential jurors are available to serve when needed by the courts.

Jury Foreman

The presiding member of the grand or petit jury, chosen by the members, who speaks or answers for the jury.

Justice Court

A lower, limited jurisdiction court. In justice courts, the judges are elected officials called Justices of the Peace.

Synonyms - justice

Any person under 18 years of age.


Provision that regulates the conduct of society, primarily generated by the legislative branch of government.

Limited Jurisdiction Court

A court that may hear and decide limited types of cases. In Arizona, these are the justice and municipal courts.


A person or persons involved in a lawsuit.


A judicial contest that seeks a decision from the court.


Often used to refer to a municipal court judge, but A.R.S. 1-215 provides a broad definition that includes all judicial officers with power to issue a warrant for arrest: includes a Supreme Court justice and judges of the superior, justice and municipal courts.


Also known as a writ of mandamus is an order of a court to an inferior government agency, official, or corporation, for the person or entity to perform or correct  or abstain from an act that is required by law.

Synonyms - Writ of Mandamus
Material Breach

A material breach of a contract is a significant violation of an agreement which can result in the complete termination of the agreement and the ability for the wronged party to sue for damages.

Mechanic's Lien

A specific legal tool used to recover payment for labor or services that were performed at a building or a construction site that have not been paid. A person who was not paid for their services would seek a judgement for a mechanic’s lien and if granted the lien would be attached to the property to be paid when the property was sold.

Synonyms - Mechanics Lien
Merit Selection

A system for a judicial nomination commission to recommend candidates for judicial appointments to the governor.


An offense less serious than a felony, punishable by a sentence other than being sent to prison (A.R.S. 13-105).


A request to a judge seeking a specific ruling or court order.

Multas / Honorarios y Cumplimiento de Restitución
Un programa de recolección para los tribunales.
Synonyms - FARE
Nolo Contendere

This plea, also known as plea of no contest, means the person charged, the defendant, is not admitting guilt and not denying it. The defendant is saying that they do not wish to contest the charges brought by the state. Upon a plea of no contest, the judicial officer may find the defendant guilty and enter a judgment of guilt.

Synonyms - Plea of No Contest

A pledge, promise, or declaration to provide true information in court or in an affidavit.