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FAQ - Child Support

Are there special considerations in establishing support if one or both parents is a minor?

A minor parent is not exempt from having a support obligation under Arizona law, but the age of the parent is considered in the amount of child support that is appropriate under the Guidelines. Minimum wage is not attributed to minor parents while they are in high school; only their actual income is considered. When child support is established in a case involving a minor parent, the parents or guardians of the minor are encouraged to participate in the proceedings. In some cases, establishment of support is deferred until the parent is no longer a minor.  Arizona law prohibits entry of default orders against minors.
Under Arizona law, the court may also determine that a parent is not obligated to pay support for a child if paternity was the result of that parent's contact with a person who was found guilty of sexual assault of, or sexual conduct with a minor.  The issue of whether someone should be prosecuted is a law enforcement matter that DCSS is not involved in.

Response provided by the Department of Child Support Services

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