Child Support Calculator

The Child Support Calculator allows the user to calculate a projected child support amount based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines that are in effect at the time of filing.

Determining What Child Support Calculator to Use

There are two online child support calculators available based on current and past Arizona guidelines.  If the case is determined by default, the guidelines that are in effect at the time of filing are used.

Entering the Names and Details of Children

If there are more than six children eligible to be entered on a child support order, they must be entered with the name of the oldest child and their date of birth.  For less than six children, the order that they are entered does not matter. 

A child support calculator is not created every year; there are only two currently available.  If your child support order was filed between 5/31/11-7/1/2015, use the 2011 Child Support Calculator.  If your child support calculator was filed after 7/1/15, use the 2015 Child Support Calculator.

Child Support Calculator

2015 Child Support Calculator

2011 Child Support Calculator


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