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Mobile Home Video Transcript - How do I get my security deposit back?

How do I get my security deposit back?

  1. You are moving and you want your security deposit returned.
  2. There are certain procedures to follow to have your security deposit returned at the end of your lease.
  3. Remember, the security deposit is not returnable until after you have moved out of the rental property.
  4. First, it is a good idea to ask the landlord for a written notice of the move-out inspection date because you have the right to be present.
  5. The best time to join the landlord for the walk-through inspection of the premises is after you moved your belongings but before you return your key to the landlord.
  6. Here is a tip...
  7. Use the completed walk-through checklist that was used when you moved into the rental property to compare the condition of the premises and determine if there are any damages.
  8. Here is another tip...
  9. Keep a copy of the checklist signed by the landlord and take pictures or videos of the premises for your records in case a dispute arises later.
  10. After you move out and return possession of the home, you should submit a written request for the return of your security deposit.
  11. Here is a big tip.
  12. Make sure you provide your landlord with a return address.
  13. Your landlord must return the security deposit within 14 business days of your request.
  14. Or, provide a written list of the deductions along with payment for the remaining balance.
  15. What deductions are allowable?
  16. Deductions may include damages outside of normal wear and tear, unpaid rent, repairs needed for damages to the premises caused by you or other deductions allowed by law.
  17. Beware! You must dispute the charges preferably in writing within 60 days after the list is mailed; otherwise, the charges are considered final.
  18. Here is another tip.
  19. Do not be caught off-guard…check your lease for any administrative fees or non-refundable deposits that will not be returned.
  20. Here is a tip!
  21. If the landlord doesn’t respond, or you disagree with any deductions, you may file a lawsuit for the return of your deposit.
  22. However, you will need to prove in court that the landlord owes you this amount.
  23. Go to AZ …and review ARS section 33-1321(D) for more detailed information on obtaining a refund of your security deposit from your landlord.


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