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Video Tutorials

Court Basics

Going to Court

Preparing for Court

Cans and Cannots of Court Help

To Hire or Not to Hire a Lawyer

Court 101

Tribal Law in Arizona

Civil Law

How to Apply for a Protective Order in Arizona

Someone is Suing Me - Now What Do I Do?

Immigration 101

Criminal Matters

Understanding Your Traffic Ticket

Received a Traffic Ticket: Now What?

Marijuana Expungement in Arizona

Criminal Set Aside

Victims' Rights Post-Conviction

Victims' Rights Post-Adjudication

How to Clear a Juvenile Court Record

Button reading Arrested for DUI what happens now?

DUI Legal Talk


Your Rights as an Employee


Family Court 101

Changing the Division of Property from a Divorce

Parent Education Program

Child Support

Adoption: An Overview

Custody and Visitation by Non-Parents and Grandparents



Understanding Eviction

Landlord-Tenant Legal Talk

Tenants Rights and Resources

Evicting a Friend or Relative

Sharon Manor Transitional Housing

Money & Finances

Bankruptcy Basics: Part 1

Bankruptcy Basics: Part 2

Lemon Laws in Arizona

Dealing with Student Loans

Payday Loans - What You Need to Know

Foreclosing on a Tax Lien


Button reading Adult Guardianship

Adult Guardianship

Guardianship of a Minor Child

Someone Died - What Do I Do Now?

Probate and Estate Planning

Accessing Phones and Online Accounts After a Death


Probate Trainings

Becoming a Personal Representative or Executor After a Death