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What is a fee waiver?

A fee waiver may be issued for those that can prove that any court cost would be an extraordinary expense to their livelihood.

What is a fee deferral?

A fee deferral is 1) a temporary postponement of paying what is owed, or 2) establishing a payment plan with the court.

The court may postpone payment of fees to a later date if documents show that:

  • you are receiving TANF or food stamp benefits
  • your gross income is insufficient or barely sufficient to meet essentials of life (e.g., the gross income is less than 150% of the current poverty level; or the gross income is sufficient but extraordinary expenses reduce the gross income to less than 150% of the current poverty level)
  • you have qualified and are represented by a non-profit legal services organization

The court may grant a monthly payment plan if supporting documentation is provided that:

  • your gross income is between 150% and 175% of the current poverty level
  • your gross income is between 175% and 225% of the current poverty level, and 25% is paid at the time of filing, and the balance is paid on a payment plan
  • there is good cause, if your gross income of more than 225% of the current poverty level


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