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pdf 1. Termination of Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Popular

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Adult Guardianship and-or Conservatorship termination.pdf

You may use this forms if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • A guardian and/or conservator has been appointed for a disabled adult, AND
  • The guardian/conservatorship is no longer needed and the Arizona case should be TERMINATED because:
    • the protected adult (the "Ward") died, or
    • moved out of state, or
    • is now able to conduct his or her own affairs, AND
    • the current guardian/conservator needs to be released from his or her legal duties (discharged),
  • There is still a need for a guardian and/or conservator but a person currently serving as court-appointed guardian and/or conservator needs to be "discharged" (released from his or her legal duties) because he or she:
    • is no longer able or willing to serve, or
    • should not be allowed to continue to serve.
  • You want a court order to release restricted funds or property to a disabled or protected adult.
  • Do NOT use this packet to terminate guardianship or conservatorship of a minor. Refer to separate forms and instructions to terminate or to discharge a guardian or conservator for a minor, including a minor who has turned 18.