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First Conservators Account (1).pdf

You may use this form if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You have been appointed the Conservator for an adult or minor, AND
  • The conservatorship has ended or your service as the conservator has ended because of one or more of the following factors, AND
    • The protected person has died;
    • The protected person no longer needs protection;
    • You want to resign;
    • You are being replaced by a substitute ("successor") conservator; or
    • The estate assets have been expended. AND
  • You must finish documenting all financial activity related to the settlement of all accounts, assets and inventory within 90 days of the protected person's death, the end of the conservatorship, or the end of your responsibilities as conservator; AND
  • You want to file the final account papers at the court, and request the court review and approve the final account.