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pdf 1. How to Transfer an Out-of-State Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Case in to Arizona Popular

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Adult Transfer case to AZ - GC and-or Con.pdf

You may use this form if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • There is a court-ordered guardianship and/or conservatorship for an incapacitated or protected person (also known as “the ward”) in a U.S. state other than Arizona.
  • The ward is now in Arizona or will soon relocate to Arizona.
  • You want to transfer the existing guardianship and/or conservatorship case to Arizona rather than starting a new case here. *

* NOTE: You may either file to transfer or start a new case in Arizona, but note that transferring guardianship and/or conservatorship requires ALL of the following:

  • Asking the court in the state where the case is being sent from for permission to ask Arizona to accept the case;
  • Asking the court in Arizona to issue a provisional (temporary or conditional) order accepting the case;
  • Presenting the order provisionally accepting the case from the court in Arizona to the court in the sending state and asking for final permission to transfer;
  • Presenting the final permission to transfer from the sending state to the court in Arizona and asking for a final order accepting the transfer from Arizona; and
  • Presenting the final order from Arizona accepting transfer to the court in the sending state, along with a request to terminate the case in that state.