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The schedule of time that a child has with each parent.

Synonyms - paternity time, visitation

To find a criminal defendant not guilty.


A dispute taken to court to be settled. Same as "case," "suit" and "lawsuit" when used in the courtroom context.

Synonyms - case, suit, lawsuit

To make a final decision; to give a judgment or a decree.

Administrative Process

A quasi-judicial system created by statute or rule to determine legal rights.


Evidence that is properly introduced in a trial.

Adversary System

Method used in the courts of the United States to settle legal disputes. Both individuals in the case tell their story to the judge and/or jury for resolution.


Someone who makes and signs an affidavit.


A written statement of fact, signed and sworn to in front of a notary or a person who has the right to administer an oath.


To uphold a decision made by a lower court.

Age of Majority

Age at which the duty of support terminates. Currently age 18 in Arizona unless the child is actually attending high school, a certified high school equivalency program, or is disabled.


Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

Aid to Families with Dependent Children

A category of public assistance paid on behalf of children who are deprived of support by one or both of their parents due to disability, or continued absence (including desertion) from the home.

Synonyms - AFDC

Support for a spouse or former spouse ordered by the court, this arrangement may be temporary or permanent. In a IV-D case this can be enforced only when there is an accompanying child support order. Also known as Spousal Maintenance.

Synonyms - Spousal Maintenance

Statements against one person which the other person is prepared to prove.

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