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If you received a civil traffic ticket you have three options for how you can take care of the violation: 1) if an eligible moving citation, attend defensive driving school (DDS), 2) pay the fine, or 3) request a court hearing.  Prior to choosing a pathway, ask yourself, "Are you responsible for what the ticket is accusing you of?"  If you answer yes, you would plead "Responsible."  If you answer no and you have proof, you would plead "Not Responsible."
  DDS1 Pay Fine Go to Court
 Can only be done once every 12 months X    
 Time intensive X   X
 Online options available (with the exception of photo enforcement)
X X  
 "Responsible" plea entered   X  
 Covers all violations   X X
 Potentially expensive   X X
 Points on your driving record   X X2
 Reported to your insurance   X X2

1. If you received more than one violation, attending a class will only take care of one of the violations. The others you will have to either pay the fines or appear in court.

2. Only applicable if you are found "Responsible"