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The resources listed below assist individuals who are are looking for information on how to claim responsibility for or defend against a civil or criminal traffic violation.

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Child Passenger Restraint Law

If you are driving a vehicle (post 1972) that transports less than 10 people, you are required to use child car seats for anyone between the ages of 0 to 8 years old and under 4'9" tall.  Anyone who violates this is subject to a citation.  If you have been cited for "failure to use" a child or infant car seat, you may have these options:

  1. Attend a Children Are Priceless Passengers Class.  (This is not available in all counties)
    1. Classes last 1-hour and require a $35.00 registration fee
    2. You must preregister for this program
  2. Pay the fine on the citation
  3. Plead "Not Responsible" and request a court hearing


Arizona Revised Statute 28-907 - Child restraint system; civil penalty; exemptions; notice; child restraint fund; definitions

What to do if you Received a Ticket While on a Bicycle

If you received a ticket while riding a bicycle you may be able to attend a bicycle safety class instead of paying the fine.  You must contact the court on or before the date on your ticket to see if this is an option.  You may not attend a safety class if the violation resulted in a collision, violated ARS 28-645A3a (running a red light), and you have not attended a class within the last 12 months.

Advantages of taking a class:

  • The charge will be dismissed
  • You will not have to pay the fine for that charge

*If you are in Tempe, you must pay a $50.00 fee to the court prior to attending the class*


ASU Bicycle Safety Program

Pima County


Denying Responsibility and Requesting a Hearing

If you chose to deny responsibility for the civil traffic violation you can request a hearing.

My car was impounded. Who do I contact to get it back or information on where it is being stored?

The Court does not have this information for you.  If you no longer have your citation or if it is not listed on your citation, you can contact the local police department to get these details.


Civil Traffic Violation Options

If you get a ticket for a civil traffic violation you have three options: attend defensive driving school, pay the ticket, or request a hearing.


Civil Traffic Hearing Expectations

At a civil traffic hearing, the witnesses of the State, usually the officer who cited you, will attempt to prove that you committed the civil traffic violation on your citation.

I am under 18 years old and I got a traffic ticket.  What do I do?

Minors who receive civil traffic citations must appear in court at the scheduled time and date with a parent or legal guardian.  The hearing is not a trial, but an opportunity for the Judge to explain the options available to the juvenile and his or her parents.


Civil Traffic Defendant Rights

The rights that you have as a civil traffic defendant are found in this section.

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