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Parking Ticket Hearing Information

  • If you request a hearing, it will be scheduled approximately 4 weeks from the date your request was received.
  • You may present your own case at your hearing or retain an attorney.  If you choose to have an attorney represent you, they must inform the Court in writing 10 days before the hearing date.
  • If you are found "Responsible", the Court will indicate what your penalty will be.  This penalty may be different than the amount you originally owed.  The amount owed is DUE IN FULL on the day the Court rules.  You can discuss payment schedules with the Court; be aware that there is a fee added for setting up a payment plan.
  • There is no prosecutor to represent the State. 
  • The witnesses for the state testify first.  After each witness has testified, you will have a chance to ask them questions.  After the witnesses have testified, you present your case
  • You may call your own witnesses who know something about the incident to testify for you.  You may testify on your own behalf.  You may also present other evidence like documents, photographs, etc...
  • The Court official may also question you and others involved to find out what happened.
  • The Burden of Proof required for the Court to make a decision is based on the evidence presented.