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Driving Without Insurance

In order to have the violation dismissed, you must provide proof showing the vehicle involved was insured on the DATE and TIME the ticket was issued.

In order to receive a reduced fine you must present to the court proof that:

  1. You have purchased a 6 month insurance policy, most commonly an SR22 (you will have to carry this for 3 years)
  2. A copy of your driving record from the MVD showing that you have not had another insurance violation within the past 24 months or not more than one within the last 36 months

You can get your driving record from the MVD or from Service Arizona. To be accepted by the Court, the record must be either certified by the MVD or be accompanied by a printed confirmation page.  When proper documentation is provided to qualify for a reduced fine, all fines are due on the day fines are imposed.

If you do not pay on time, you can be subject to a default fee, driver license suspension, and time payment fee.


Arizona State Statutes 28-4135

MVD Mandatory Insurance FAQ

MVD Locations