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Arizona Child Passenger Restraint Law

Child Passenger Restraint Law

If you are driving a vehicle (post 1972) that transports less than 10 people, you are required to use child car seats for anyone between the ages of 0 to 8 years old and under 4'9" tall.  Anyone who violates this is subject to a citation.  If you have been cited for "failure to use" a child or infant car seat, you may have these options:

  1. Attend a Children Are Priceless Passengers Class.  (This is not available in all counties)
    1. Classes last 1-hour and require a $35.00 registration fee
    2. You must preregister for this program
  2. Pay the fine on the citation
  3. Plead "Not Responsible" and request a court hearing


Arizona Revised Statute 28-907 - Child restraint system; civil penalty; exemptions; notice; child restraint fund; definitions