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The plans provided are to act as a guide in developing a parenting time plan that best suites the needs of the child as well as the parents.
They are recommendations, not required methods.

Recommended for children ages Birth to 5 years.
* To be successful, both parents need to agree on this plan.

How it Works

This is an equal parenting time schedule, where the child is not away from the other parent for more than two days.




Vacations that are much different from the regular parenting time schedule are not recommended unless the parents agree.


Parents should consider dividing holidays or special occasions in time blocks similar to their regular parenting time.

This plan should be chosen if

  • Parents have cared for the child about equally
  • Both parents have a bond with the child
  • Parents live close enough together that the child will not have long care trips between homes
  • Parents can communicate and cooperate with each other about the care and well-being of the child
  • Parents have been successfully following Plan 3 or 4 for some time


  • The child never goes more than 2 days without seeing a parent
  • Many parents like the longer blocks of time to better bond with the child



  • There is no consistency, which may make it hard to make plans
  • Some young children may dislike not seeing a parent for 2 full days
  • The week may seem a bit "choppy" or broken up
  • Neither parent has a full weekend with or without the child

Item of Note

The use of Plan 6 requires a high degree of communication between the parents, a low level of conflict about how to parent, and work schedules and living arrangements that limit the difficulties on the child. Plan 6 is designed only for those parents who can agree on this plan.