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The plans provided are to act as a guide in developing a parenting time plan that best suites the needs of the child as well as the parents.
They are recommendations, not required methods.

Recommended for children ages 0-24 months.

How it Works

Every week, the non-custodial parent sees the child 3 times for 3-5 hours each time.




Vacations that are much different from the regular parenting time schedule are not recommended unless the parents agree.


Parents should consider dividing holidays or special occasions in time blocks similar to their regular parenting time.

This plan should be chosen if

  • The child has previously spent most of the time with one parent
  • Work schedules or living arrangements have caused the child to spend less time with a parent
  • A parent has limited parenting skills
  • The child has not yet developed a bond with a parent


  • The child has frequent, but short visits with the parent who has less parenting time
  • Offers consistency and predictability
  • The custodial parent receives a few "breaks" throughout the week


  • There are 6 exchanges each week, which may be difficult for parents that do not get along
  • The week may seem a bit "choppy" or broken up

Why it Works

Frequent contact helps the child bond with each parent, something that is important for healthy development.