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Child Support Procedures

Requesting child support can take place at any time in Arizona.  The first thing to do is to complete the court forms to establish child support. Use the online Child Support Calculator and instructions to calculate the obligations of each parent.

Note: If paternity is in question, it must be established before an application for support can be entered.

Once all forms are completed, the following steps need to occur:

  1. Make copies of the Petition to Establish Child Support and Parent's Worksheet for Child Support forms.  You will need 3-4 copies of each set of documents: 1 - clerk of the court, 1 - other parent, 1 - you, 1 - Attorney General (if applicable)
    1. Do Not make a copy of the "Family Court/Sensitive Data Cover Sheet"
  2. File the original documents at the counter of the nearby Superior Courthouse.  Bring the additional copies, so that the clerk can stamp them as being "conformed."  When you file, you will also have to pay the current fees or file for Fee Deferral or Waiver.
  3. Receive your Order to Appear information: date, time, and location of the hearing will be noted on this document.
  4. Serve the Order to Appear information and other documents to the other parent/attorney and to the Attorney General (if required)
    1. Papers may be delivered by the Sheriff's Department, by a licensed process server, local constable, or by one of the other methods found in the "Service" packet.
    2. Serving papers to the Office of the Attorney General is done by mailing or personally delivering a copy of all documents to their location; an "Acceptance of Service" form must be included in the packet of documents served.
  5. Attend the court hearing.
    1. Be on time
    2. Dress neatly
    3. Find out if children are allowed in courtroom
    4. Be prepared to tell the judge why there should be an order for child support

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