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Superior Court Appellate Resources

Arizona Civil Legal Needs Community Survey

Civil legal organizations in Arizona are seeking your input to increase their ability to meet the civil legal needs of Arizona's lower income residents. Please complete this survey to assist in improving civil legal services in Arizona.

Encuesta de Necesidades Legales Civiles de Arizona

Las organizaciones legales civiles en Arizona buscan su opinión para aumentar su capacidad de satisfacer las necesidades legales civiles de los residentes de bajos ingresos de Arizona. Por favor complete esta encuesta para ayudar a mejorar los servicios legales civiles en Arizona.

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Notice of Appeal Deadlines

Appealing a municipal or justice court ruling to a Superior Court is given a 14 day deadline, with the exception of evictions which are given a 5 day deadline.

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Transcripts for Appeals

Prior to filing, check the local rules or ask the court clerk if a transcript is required for your appeal.  If a transcript is required, it is the responsibility of the appellant to order the recordings and CD of the proceedings from the previous court to be delivered to a certified transcriber. Check with the court clerk to see if arrangements for transcripts can be made through the court.

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Request for Another Hearing

You have the right to file a Motion for Rehearing or Motion for Reconsideration within 14 days after you receive the decision of the Superior Court.  You must include a Memorandum that specifically explains why you believe the Superior Court misapplied the law or facts of the case.


Calculating the Supersedeas Bond

A supersedeas bond is something that is filed with the appellate court for the amount of money owed while the appeal is in process.  They can be calculated in different ways based on the type of the case.

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Cost Bond

If you are posting a supersedeas bond, you do not have to post a cost bond.  This is money that is set aside to reimburse the others if you lose your appeal.  If you are unable to pay the cost bond, you can file a waiver to waive or reduce the costs involved.

Cost bonds DO NOT apply to Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment.