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Language and Disability Access


I do not speak English and have a hard time reading.  Does the audio program work for me?

Yes, the audio program reads multiple languages. Using your mouse, highlight the section of text you would like the program to read and press play. For languages other than English, use the Google Translate bar at the top of the page, translate the page and press play.  Not all languages are readable.  If the language you need is not available, please contact a Law Librarian and they will be able to assist you via Language Line.

Need to fill out a form? Click on the name of the form title you need and download it. Open the document and either place it in an easily accessible window, on half of your screen, or on another monitor. Once this is done, press the play button next to the title of the document. The program will read the document to you. Follow along, pausing the audio, and filling in the appropriate information as needed. 

For more information on language services offered by the court click here.