Language and Disability Access

Accommodations for Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires federal buildings to be in compliance with wheelchair standards and to be accommodating to those that have specific needs.  

Limited English Language Persons (LEP)

Those that have a limited English language ability are able to request an interpreter for all administrative matters, hearings, trials, and motions.  

Language Assistance Complaints

If there is a complaint about the language assistance services received, please fill out and submit the following form to the court that the services were provided in:

I have a difficult time reading.  Can I get help?

On pages throughout AZCourtHelp the user will notice tool bar on the left-hand corner of the screen with a play, pause, and stop button.  When clicked the text on the page will be read aloud. 

Screen Reader toolbar


When everyday people, that are deaf or hard of hearing, have to go to court or meet with court officials the court can provide certain accommodations.

 Language and Disability Access

A comprehensive look at the accommodations for individuals with language or disability services.

I do not speak English and have a hard time reading.  Does the audio program work for me?

Yes, the audio program reads in over 50 languages.  To use this feature, select your language using the Google Translate bar at the top of the page, translate the page and press play.