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Small Claims Criteria

Note that the ruling in a small claims case is final and not eligible for appeal.

 Prior to filing a small claim suit you will need the following:

  • Time and patience
  • Filing fees
  • Dates that filings occurred, filings were served, and fees paid
  • Information for Filing Small Claims Handout
  • Contact information for plaintiff/defendant
  • A copy of the Small Claim Summons/Complaint/Answer/Counterclaim/Reply for yourself, the court, and one for each person named in the suit
  • Evidence Service Form


  • A small claim suit cannot exceed $3500
  • Individuals, partnerships, associations, or corporations can file a small claim
  • Types of claims that can be filed are:
    • Contracts
    • Personal Injury
    • Money Debts
    • Property Damage
  • The claim must be filed where the defendant resides or where the cause of the suit took place


Arizona Small Claim Forms