Fee Waiver and Deferral Form Criteria

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Applicants that are receiving assistance from TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) or Food Stamps; have an income that is insufficient or barely sufficient to meet the daily essentials of life; or if the applicant demonstrates other good cause are eligible for a fee waiver or deferral.  If your monthly income is less than 150% of the current federal poverty level or if your income is more than 150% of the current federal poverty level and you have proof of extraordinary expenses, you may be eligible to apply for a fee waiver or deferral.

Prior to filing a request for a fee waiver or deferral you will need the following:

  • Time and patience
  • Names of individuals you financially support (this includes child support and spousal maintenance)
  • Employer name and phone number (if employed)
  • Income from last year
  • Monthly income
  • Spouse's monthly income
  • Monthly debts and expenses
  • Remaining balance on loans
  • Current money available in accounts
  • If you are currently enrolled in a Government Assistance Program you will need to provide proof that you were enrolled prior to filing and that you are the recipient of the benefits
  • Social security number (if applicable)
  • If known, last address of the person you are serving the Affidavit in Support of Application for Deferral or Waiver of Service of Process Fees

You can request a fee waiver or deferral for:

  • Filing a case
  • Issuance of a summons or subpoena
  • Cost of attending an educational program
  • 1 certified copy of a temporary order in a family law case
  • 1 certified copy of the final order of a court
  • Preparation of the record on appeal
  • Fees for reporters or transcribers
  • Services of process costs
  • Service by publication

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