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Civil Case Forms (Over $10,000) Criteria

Please be aware that not all documents may pertain to your situation.  You are encouraged to Visit a Law Library for general guidance.

Before you file a lawsuit:

Prior to filing for a civil lawsuit you will need the following:

  • Time and patience
  • Know where to file! The court to file in is decided by:
    • Where the other person lives or does business (if you are suing a business)
    • Where the incident that caused the lawsuit took place
  • Exact name of the person or name you are suing (more information)
  • How the defendant should be listed in the case - How to Designate and Serve
    • Parent or guardian of a minor
    • Sole Ownership
    • Partnership
    • Corporation
    • Association
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Other
  • The full name and addresses (if known) of defendant
  • Type of complaint: tort, contract, or debt
  • Financial amount you are claiming

AZTurboCourt is an option for filling out civil case forms.  The forms will auto populate with the information provided. You can then print them off and submit them to a Justice Court in your area.

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