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Arizona Civil Legal Needs Community Survey

Civil legal organizations in Arizona are seeking your input to increase their ability to meet the civil legal needs of Arizona's lower income residents. Please complete this survey to assist in improving civil legal services in Arizona.

Encuesta de Necesidades Legales Civiles de Arizona

Las organizaciones legales civiles en Arizona buscan su opinión para aumentar su capacidad de satisfacer las necesidades legales civiles de los residentes de bajos ingresos de Arizona. Por favor complete esta encuesta para ayudar a mejorar los servicios legales civiles en Arizona.

Folder 3. Termination of Guardianship and/or Conservatorship


pdf 1. Termination of Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Case Popular

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Discharge terminate GC & Conservatorship of Minor.pdf

You may use these forms if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • A guardian and/or conservator has been appointed for a minor, AND
  • The guardian and/or conservatorship is no longer needed and the Arizona case should be terminated because the minor reached age 18, was legal emancipated, moved out of state, died OR you are the mother or father of the minor and want to ask the Court to end the guardianship and/or conservatorship and close the case, OR
  • There is still a need for a guardian and/or conservator but the person currently serving as court-appointed guardian and/or conservator needs to be released from his or her legal duties (discharged) because he or she is no longer able or willing to serve OR should not be allowed to continue to serve, AND
  • You want to be discharged as guardian and/or conservator, AND/OR
  • You want a court order to release restricted funds to the minor.