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Letter Designations for Forms

Each case number begins with a letter or letters (example: CR-200500311)
The alpha designators in case numbers are indicators for the court's filings. For the Arizona Superior Court the designators are as follows. Keep in mind that many courts use the same designations.

  • C or CV- Civil
  • CR- Criminal
  • D-Divorce
  • RD- Reciprocal Divorce
  • DR- Domestic Relations
  • FC- Family Court
  • FN- Family Court w/ No Children
  • LCA- Lower Court Appeal
  • CJ-Lower Court Assessment
  • MH- Mental Health
  • MS- Mental Sexuality
  • P or PB- Probate
  • ST- Small Tax
  • SW- Search Warrant
  • TA- Tax Appeal
  • T- Transcript of Judgement
  • M- Marriage License
  • AA- Adult Adoption
  • AC- Adoption Certificate
  • JA- Juvenile Adoption
  • JD- Juvenile Dependency
  • JE- Juvenile Emancipation
  • JG- Juvenile Guardianship
  • J- Juvenile