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FAQ - Parent Education Classes

What is a Parent Education Class?

The class (called the Parent Information Program in some counties) has been designed for the purpose of sharing information with parents about the impact that family litigation, the restructuring of families and the involvement of the court in your case can have on you and your child.  The class provides parents with an opportunity to explore the following topics:

  • Common reactions by children and parents to divorce or other legal proceedings between the parents such as paternity
  • Options available as alternatives to divorce
  • Resources available to improve or strengthen marriage
  • The legal process and options available for mediation
  • Resources available after your case has concluded
  • Harmful effects of parental conflict on children, including domestic violence
  • Factors that contribute to the healthy adjustment of the child, including the value of parenting plans
  • Basic Arizona Family Court or Domestic Relations Court procedures
  • Helpful and harmful parent behaviors
  • Communication and co-parenting skills
  • The reactions to divorce and separation of children at different stages
  • Warning signs of children having serious problems
  • Emotional and financial responsibility of parents
  • Issues surrounding continued access to maternal and paternal relatives
  • Notification requirements