FAQ - Domestic Violence and Harassment

How do I file for an injunction against harassment?

Fill out the petition provided by the court and return it to court staff. It is important to know that a copy of the petition will be given to the defendant, the person the injunction is against, if an injunction against harassment is issued and sent out for service. Although an injunction may protect more than one person (the plaintiff and other protected persons), it can be issued against only one person (the defendant). A separate petition must be completed for each person against whom you want to file. 

Each petition must have:
•    The name of the defendant.
•    The date of birth of the defendant (or a reasonable estimate).
•    A specific statement showing events and dates of the acts constituting the alleged harassment.
•    Your address and telephone number so the court can contact you if the defendant requests a hearing. (Upon request, this information will be withheld from the defendant.)
•    An address, if known, at which the defendant can be legally served with an order of the court.
•    Injunction against harassment A.R.S. § 12-1809
•    Injunction against harassment Forms

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