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FAQ - Domestic Violence and Harassment

Do I have to put my address on the petition to get an Order of Protection?

If you are filing in AZPOINT or directly with a Protective Order center, then yes, it is a required field on the form. No. If the defendant does not already know your address, you can request that your address be kept confidential by the court. The court will provide you with a separate form to maintain your address in its files in the event the court needs to contact you about your Protective Order.

I plan on moving away from my abuser. How can I keep my new address secret?

The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) operated by the Arizona Secretary of State, allows those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual offenses, or stalking to keep their home addresses confidential and not available to the public. A program participant is given a substitute address that becomes the lawful address of the participant of record. An applicant must have recently moved to an undisclosed address within 90 days of applying to the ACP or must be planning to move soon to an undisclosed location.


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