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FAQ - Covenant Marriage

Is it possible to change your marriage to a covenant marriage?

Yes, it is possible to change (also called convert) a marriage from a regular marriage to a covenant marriage. This court process may take place at any county superior court - Find My Court.

Steps for converting to a covenant marriage:

  1. Provide the court a signed, written, statement that says the following:
  2. Provide the court with a statement containing the details of the wedding. Some of the things that may be required include:
    • Names of the married couple
    • Name of the person who conducted the ceremony
    • Names of the witnesses who signed the marriage certificate
    • Date of ceremony
    • Where the ceremony took place
  3. Play the fee to convert a marriage

Some courthouses have a preprinted form that can be filled out prior to or at the courthouse with the information above. Contact the court to see if they have a form that should be used.

The couple does not have to go through the premarital counseling that is required of traditional covenant marriages.