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A written statement of fact, signed and sworn to in front of a notary or a person who has the right to administer an oath.


Claims against one person which the other person has to be prepared to prove.


A request made to a higher court to reverse or modify a decision made by a lower court.

Arizona Revised Statutes

Arizona Revised Statutes: Books containing the laws that the Arizona Legislature has enacted.

Synonyms - A.R.S., ARS

A violation of a contract or agreement which can result in the complete termination of the agreement and the ability for the wronged person or agency to sue for damages.

Certified Mail

When a letter or package is delivered to someone they have to sign for that item with a delivery service in order to receive it

Clerk of the Court

An appointed or elected person who is in charge of keeping records, accounts and managing regular activities for a court.

Code Enforcement

Compelling compliance with the law and investigate, prevent, or detect any violations that may have taken place


An elected official whose primary duty is to deliver and return legal notices and documents as directed by a justice court.


Postponement (delay) of a court hearing.


Someone outside a company that assists in a job or service for the company.

Cost Bond

Money an person pays into the court to cover the costs of the other person if he or she loses an appeal. Cost bonds can be waived or reduced for litigants who cannot afford to pay them. You do not have to pay a cost bond if you post a supersedeas bond.


A claim filed by a defendant in a civil case against the complaint of the plaintiff. For this claim, the defendant is a plaintiff.

County Assessor

Government employee, responsible for gathering all known and listed property to assess the value for tax purposes

Criminal Activity

An illegal offense that is punishable in a court of law.

Default Judgment

A court order that is issued when an opposing person fails to answer a complaint or appear for trial.


The facts of the case established to defend those that are accused of a crime or action.


Legal action that takes land, a residence, or property from the person or persons living there and back into the possession of the owner or landlord. These are heard in Justice Court.

Eviction hearing

Where the landlord and tenant appear before the judge and present their respective sides


Testimony of a witness, an object or written documents submitted in court about the facts in a case.