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Guardianship of a Minor

Minor Guardianship Without a Conservator

Step One: Before Filing for the Guardianship of a Minor

Complete the following tasks -

  1. Fingerprints.  If you are NOT a blood relative, you must be fingerprinted and have a background check completed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the FBI.  An issued fingerprint card will have to be filed with the court; some courts request that it is filed with the petition, while others will give a time frame of when it must be submitted. Example - In Maricopa county, you have 5 days after filing your petition to submit your fingerprint card.
  2. Fill out the Forms.  Using BLACK INK complete the following forms:
    1. Juvenile Guardianship Information Sheet
    2. Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor
    3. Affidavit of Person to be Appointed Guardian
    4. Consent of Parent to Guardianship
  3. Make Copies.  Make 3 copies of the completed forms listed above, so you will have 4 total.  Originals - filed with the court, 1 - for your records, 2 - for the biological parents


Guardianship Forms

Guardianship FAQ