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Guardianship of a Minor

Minor Guardianship Without a Conservator

Step Five After the Court Hearing for the Guardianship of a Minor

Complete the following tasks -

  1. Go to the Clerk of the Court.  If the Judge grants the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor, the Clerk will:
    1. Review the Order of Appointment
    2. Ask you to sign an Acceptance of Appointment
    3. Issue conformed or certified copies of the Court Order
  2. Make a Payment. If the judge did not waive the bond, you will have to satisfy the bond before you are issued your letters of appointment.
  3. Changing Your Address.  As guardian, you must communicate, in writing, any changes to your or the address during the time of your appointment. You must include your case number on the change of address notice.
  4. Annual Report.  Every year, before the anniversary of your appointment, you must file an Annual Report of the Guardian.


Guardianship Forms

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