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Guardianship of a Minor

Minor Guardianship Without a Conservator

Step Four: Before the Court Hearing for the Guardianship of a Minor

Complete the following tasks -

  1. Let the Court Know.  At least 15 days in advance, let the court know if you need:
    1. A language or sign language interpreter
    2. A disability that requires special accommodations
  2. Recording Request.  If you wish to have the hearing recorded or transcribed, some courts need advanced notice to ensure that processes are in place prior to the hearing.  Contact the Court at least 15 days in advance to learn what the process is and what is needed to receive a court record.
  3. Prepare Testimony.  Be able to explain:
    1. Why the guardianship is needed?
    2. Why you should be appointed guardian?
    3. Would witnesses help clarify your position and assist your case?
  4. Documents.  Bring the following documents with you:
    1. Petition for Appointment of a Guardian of a Minor
    2. Affidavit of Person to be Appointed Guardian
    3. Notarized, Consent of the Mother (if applicable) with an extra copy for the Court
    4. Notarized, Consent of the Father (if applicable) with an extra copy for the Court
    5. United States or State issued identification
    6. Birth Certificates for each child listed in the petition
    7. If applicable, Death Certificates of the birth parent(s) with an extra copy for the Court
    8. If applicable, United States issued visa or permanent legal resident card for the child(ren)
  5. Service of Documents.  Proof that the following were properly served:
    1. Notice of Hearing
    2. Proof of Notice of Hearing
    3. Signed Waiver of Notice
    4. Signed Acceptance of Service
    5. If applicable, Affidavit Supporting Publication
    6. If applicable, Affidavit of Publication
  6. Photo Identification.  You will need a government issued photo identification card.

If you do not bring the correct documents, your hearing may be cancelled or reset to another date!


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