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Guardianship of a Minor

Minor Guardianship Without a Conservator

Step Two: File the Papers at the Court

Complete the following tasks -

  1. Locate the Correct Courthouse.  Paperwork should be filed with the Juvenile Court in your county, or at Superior Court if a Juvenile Court does not exist. Call to confirm the filing location before traveling to the courthouse.
  2. File the Correct Forms. Bring ALL copies and the originals to the courthouse.  The Clerk will stamp all documents and return the copies to you for your files and service.
    1. Juvenile Guardianship Information Sheet
    2. Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor
    3. Affidavit of the Person to be Appointed Guardian
    4. Consent of the Mother (if applicable)
    5. Consent of the Father (if applicable)
    6. Fingerprint Card (if obtained in time)
  3. Pay Fees.  Pay the required fees of the court or, if you cannot afford the filing or service fees, you may request a fee waiver or deferral.  Requests must be made at filing.


Guardianship Forms

Fee Waiver and Deferral Forms

Guardianship FAQ

Arizona Revised Statute § 14-5106

State Fee Lists