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Children are Helped When

The emotional health of parental relationships largely depends on the attitudes and actions exhibited.  Consider the following to best benefit the children:

  • Help the child have regular contact with the other parent by phone, letter, audio and videotapes, e-mail, and other forms of communication
  • Keep predictable schedules
  • Are on time and have the child ready when it is time for the child to go with the other parent
  • Exchange the child without arguing
  • Support the relationship the child has with the other parent
  • Let the child carry important items such as favorite clothes, toys, and security blankets with them between the homes
  • Follow similar routines for mealtime, bedtime, and homework time
  • Handle rules and discipline in similar ways
  • Support contact with grandparents, step-parents, and other extended family so the child does not lose these relationships
  • Are flexible so the child can take parent in special family celebrations and events
  • Give as much advance notice as possible to the other parent about special occasions or necessary changes to the schedule
  • Provide the other parent with travel dates, destinations, and places where the child and the parent can be reached when on vacation
  • Establish workable and respectful communication with the other parent
  • Plan their vacations around the regularly scheduled activities of the child


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