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Considerations When Choosing a Plan

Ask yourself the following questions when composing a parenting plan:

  • How old is the child?
  • How mature is the child?
  • What is the personality of the child?
  • How strong is the relationship of the child to each parent?
  • Does the child or do the parents have any special needs?
  • What are the relationships of the children to siblings or friends?
  • Are the homes of the parents too far apart to maintain regular and frequent contact?
  • How flexible are the schedules of the people involved?
  • What childcare arrangements are needed?
  • How and where will exchanges take place?
  • How will transportation be provided?
  • How well can the parents communicate and cooperate?
  • What are the cultural and religious practices of the parents and children?
  • Are there any parental fitness concerns, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental health problems?
  • What is the ability or availability of each parent to care for the needs of the child?
  • Will the parent be able to exercise the parenting time consistently?



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