Final Adoption Hearing

A final adoption hearing is held no earlier than 6 months after the adoption petition is filed, unless their are time-sensitive matters involving the best interest of the child (example: a fatal, chronic, or debilitating disease).


At an adoption hearing the following will be in attendance:

  • Petitioner(s)
  • The child being adopted
  • County or private attorney
  • Judge or Commissioner

Adoption hearings are closed to the public.  If requested the court may allow for friends and family to sit in during the hearing.  Attendees are not allowed to discuss anything that takes place at the hearing.

Things to know about the final adoption hearing

  • Petitioner(s) are required to testify at the hearing.  They will be questioned by either their attorney or the county attorney.
  • Unless the court grants permission, children aged 12 years old or older, are required to consent to the adoption and appear at the hearing.
  • With permission you may take photos during the adoption proceedings.


The ruling of the court is determined on a preponderance of the evidence.  The court may consider any and all reports and make its findings on the best interest of the child.


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