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Language and Disability Access



When everyday people, that are deaf or hard of hearing, have to go to court or meet with court officials the court can provide certain accommodations.  These individuals have access to resources as part of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance standards of the court.  With advanced notice, the individual can get sound amplifiers in the court room or an ASL interpreter, a minimum 14 day notice is recommended.  To make a request call:

Maricopa County - (602) 452-3476  TDD text telephone - (602)452-3545

Mohave County - (928) 753-0795  TDD text telephone - (928) 753-0726

Pima County - (520) 724-4365

If your county is not listed above, their contact information and access capabilities can be found in the Find My Court section of

To find more information please visit: Arizona Courts Interpreter Access