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Directed Verdict

After evidence has been presented and if no issue of fact remains for the jury to determine, the judge must direct a verdict for the party entitled to prevail.


A deposition is the testimony of a witness or party to a suit, given before trial, under oath, and recorded, just as if it were given in court.


The formal removal of a person from the United States when they have been found to have violated immigration laws.


A relationship in which one depends on another for support in whole or in part.

Delinquent Act

An act committed by a juvenile that if committed by an adult would be a crime.


The person or entity sued in a civil case or accused in a criminal case.


A failure of the defendant to file the right papers within the time allowed or to appear in court during a scheduled hearing.


To render a decision.


A person who died

Synonyms - Deceased

An act forbidden by law and punishable by fine, probation, imprisonment or death.

Courtroom Clerk

The clerk is the person responsible for filing papers and keeping records of what happens in the courthouse.

Court Reporter

A person who records all formal court proceedings in order to be able to produce a transcript of the proceeding.

Court of Record

Courts in which all proceedings are permanently recorded according to law. Justice and municipal courts are not courts of record, but they sometimes do keep records of court proceedings.

Court Commissioner

Person with authority to do the job of a judge in limited cases.

Court Administrator

Person who assists the presiding judge in managing the court.

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