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Merit Selection

A system for a judicial nomination commission to recommend candidates for judicial appointments to the governor.


An offense less serious than a felony, punishable by a sentence other than being sent to prison (A.R.S. 13-105).


A request to a judge seeking a specific ruling or court order.

Multas / Honorarios y Cumplimiento de Restitución

Un programa de recolección para los tribunales.

Synonyms: FARE
Nolo Contendere

This plea, also known as plea of no contest, means the person charged, the defendant, is not admitting guilt and not denying it. The defendant is saying that they do not wish to contest the charges brought by the state. Upon a plea of no contest, the judicial officer may find the defendant guilty and enter a judgment of guilt.

Synonyms: Plea of No Contest

A pledge, promise, or declaration to provide true information in court or in an affidavit.


Written statement issued to report the decision of an appellate court.


Persons, partnerships, corporations, businesses, or governmental organizations involved in legal proceedings.

Petit (Trial) Jury

The group of people selected to decide the facts and render a verdict in a civil or criminal trial.


Written request to the court asking for specific legal action.

Petition for Review

An application asking an appellate court to examine a ruling or decision.


Response of a defendant to the criminal charges stated; the plea is usually guilty or not guilty.

Plea Agreement

A process between the accused and the prosecution to negotiate a mutually satisfactory outcome of the case.

Synonyms: Plea Bargain
Points of Law

The legal questions that a case may raise.


Geographic subdivision of city, town or county, used to describe the jurisdiction of a justice of the peace or for election purposes.

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