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Statements made by witnesses who have taken an oath or affirmed that they will tell the truth.

Supersedeas Bond

A bond or amount of money, usually the amount of the judgment, that stays with the court while an appeal is in process.


A document given to a sheriff or other officer that tells the person named in the summons that a lawsuit has been started against them in court, and what day and time they have to show up at court.


An order to compel someone to come to a court at a certain date and time; there are penalties if that person does not come to court.  Subpoena duces tecum is the technical name for a subpoena for production of evidence.

Synonyms - Subpoena duces tecum

Law enacted by the Legislature and published as the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.).

Small Claims Division

Special division established within each justice court to legally resolve claims that do not exceed $2,500.


An agreement that provides satisfaction to one or both individuals in a civil lawsuit in return for dismissal of the case.


Punishment set by the court within the range of punishments authorized by statute.


Decision of an appellate court to change all or part of the decision of a lower court.


The electoral process by which voters decide whether judges will continue to serve another term in their current judicial capacity.


Criminal: Payment of money to reimburse the economic loss suffered by the victim because of the actions of the defendant.

Eviction: An enforcement order of an eviction. After a specified period of time if a tenant who has been evicted stays on the property a writ of restitution allows a sheriff or constable to remove the tenant from the property and allows the landlord to change the locks on the residence.

Synonyms - Writ of Restitution

A person is said to rest or rest its case when it has presented all of the evidence it intends to offer.

Res Judicata

A thing adjudged. Once a particular case or controversy has been judicially decided in a legal proceeding, it is final and cannot be heard again.


To send back; an appellate court may remand a case to the trial court for retrial or other action.


The second questioning of a witness by the side that called the witness.

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