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An attorney selected to hear a case and settle the legal dispute without a formal trial.

Author: Cathleen Cole

Court proceeding in which the defendant stands before the judge to answer criminal charges by entering a plea of guilty or not guilty.


One who is admitted to the State Bar of Arizona and who may represent clients in legal proceedings. Also called lawyer or counsel.


Money or other form of security the judge requires to be held by the court to ensure that a criminal defendant, released while awaiting trial, will be in court for the trial. Bail is returned when the defendant returns for trial.


Courtroom attendant responsible for keeping order in the courtroom and supervising the jury.


The seat where a judge sits in court.

Board of Supervisors

Local governing body at the county level.


Written statement explaining facts of a case and laws that apply.

Burden of Proof

Responsibility for proving the facts in a case.

Calendar Days

Calendar days include weekends and holidays


Lawsuit, suit, or action being resolved through the court system.

Case Law

Law composed of previously written decisions of appellate courts.


Private office of a judge or justice.

Chief Justice

Presiding justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.


The identity of an individuals national origin.  It defines his/her rights and responsibilities to that country.

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