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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The process of settling a legal dispute without a formal trial.

Synonyms - ADR

To uphold a decision made by a lower court.


A statement or declaration of facts that has been written down and confirmed by the originator under oath.

Adversary System

Method used in the courts of the United States to settle legal disputes. Both individuals in the case tell their story to the judge and/or jury for resolution.


When a person becomes the legal child of another person and is treated by the law as the biological child of the adoptor.


Evidence that is properly introduced in a trial.


To decide or settle


A dispute taken to court to be settled. Same as case, suit and lawsuit when used in the courtroom context.

Synonyms - case, suit, lawsuit

To find a criminal defendant not guilty.


Arizona Revised Statutes: Books containing the laws that the Arizona Legislature has enacted.

Synonyms - Arizona Revised Statutes, ARS
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