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How long do you keep exhibits?

There are strict criteria that have to be met in order to return exhibits or dispose of them. There is no set time for a case; only specific criteria that must be met to determine when an individual case is closed. At the conclusion of a hearing, exhibits not offered into evidence or received in evidence by the court, can be returned to the respective people. If the matter is taken under advisement, exhibits can be returned at the time of ruling. There is a different method of return for exhibits offered into evidence or received in evidence by the court. When a case is determined closed, including such considerations as a final judgment or decree, all appeals times are over, complete, and dismissal of the case, exhibits can be released to the people or disposal can occur.
•    In civil cases, Local Rule of Maricopa County 2.8(d) is used to determine that the case is closed for all people involved. 

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