Traffic Violation Information

 Civil Traffic Hearing Expectations

At a civil traffic hearing, the witnesses of the State, usually the officer who cited you, will attempt to prove that you committed the civil traffic violation on your citation. The State must prove a civil traffic violation by a preponderance of the evidence. The State may also present diagrams, photographs, or other evidence at the hearing.
At the hearing, you are entitled to:

  • hear all of the testimony the State presents against you
  • question any of the witnesses who testify against you
  • testify on your own behalf if you want to, but if you choose not to testify, your refusal cannot be used against you in determining your guilt or innocence
  • call witnesses of your own to testify on your behalf
  • ask the Judge to issue subpoena that require the witnesses to appear and testify on the trial date
  • present diagrams, photographs and other forms of evidence if you wish

You do not have the right to have a public defender represent you at a civil traffic hearing, but you may be represented by a private attorney of your choice if you wish.  If you are found responsible after the hearing, the hearing Judge will then determine your civil traffic sanction.

You have the right to appeal your civil traffic hearing after a hearing. The Court will provide you with instructions on how to do so.

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