Traffic Violation Information

How do I pay a traffic ticket?

Contact the Municipal or Justice Court your citation indicates to see what forms of payment are accepted (court contact information).  Courts are known to accept personal checks, money orders, cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as payment.

  • You may pay the amount listed on the bond envelope and mail in your payment. Do not send cash through the mail.
  • Some courthouses may accept payments over the phone.
  • You may appear on your scheduled court date and pay the civil penalty. The clerk will take your payment and issue a receipt.
  • You may appear on your scheduled court date to admit the violation with an explanation to the judge. The court will consider the explanation in determining the civil penalty.
  • All civil penalties are due in full on or before the scheduled appearance date.

If you do not pay your penalty in full on or before the scheduled court date, you must request a time payment plan and prove you are unable to pay in full. The Court will review your financial information to determine your eligibility for an installment plan. There is a fee added to all fines and penalties not paid in full on the same day they are imposed.


Failure to appear will result in an admission of responsibility and judgment will be entered for the State. The court will report the failure to appear to MVD and direct that your license be suspended and remain suspended until the civil penalty is paid in full. Additional fees will be added to the total due.

IF YOU HAVE CRIMINAL TRAFFIC or MISDEMEANOR VIOLATIONS included on your citation, you must appear before the judge on your scheduled appearance date.

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