Serving a Defendant in a Small Claims Case

The summons and complaint must be served on each named defendant. This is called "service of process."

The summons and complaint may be served by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. Service is deemed complete when the defendant signs for it. The return receipt must then be filed with the court. If the postal service does not enter a date of delivery or the date is not legible, service is deemed complete on the date the return receipt is filed with the court. The plaintiff may file the return receipt (the green card) with the court in person or by first class mail. Remember, each named defendant must be served a copy of the complaint/summons. You should use restricted delivery to ensure the named party signs the return receipt. If the claim is against a corporation, the statutory agent or an officer of the corporation must be served on behalf of the corporation named in the complaint. You may obtain the name and address of a statutory agent or corporate officer by calling the Arizona Corporation Commission at (602) 542-3026.


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