The types of claims that can be filed in the small claims division include:

  • money debts
  • personal injury
  • property damage
  • contracts

The types of claims that cannot be filed in the small claims division are those for:

  • libel or slander
  • prejudgment remedies
  • injunctive relief
  • specific performance
  • class actions
  • traffic violations
  • criminal matters
  • claims greater than $3500
  • evictions (forcible entry or detainer)
  • actions against this state: it's political subdivisions; OR
  • an officer or employee in an official capacity (i.e. State, County, City, Salt River Project, etc.)

The clerks at the Justice Courts are available to answer most questions relating to jurisdiction, venue, pleadings or procedures that this web site cannot answer for you. Please keep in mind that the clerk cannot engage in the practice of law and cannot give you legal advice.


Small Claim Forms